La Dolorosa

Julio Romero de Torres, was born in Cordoba on November 9, 1874. He was a Spanish symbolist painter. Born in a family of artists, as a young man he made a regionalist painting, heir to the best Spanish tradition, to progressively adhere to the aesthetics of 98 and modernism, triumphant in Spain.

Towards 1908, its aesthetic results in a personal style that combines popular feeling and genuine folklore, in an Andalusian line full of refinement and enchantment, with an accurate drawing in balanced compositions of bluish, greenish and, above all, black colors. He was also known for his flamenco and bullfighting, with a certain tribute to the popular song.

Three stages can be seen in the work of this modernist painter. An initial, which would end in 1908. A central that would end in 1916. And a final, which would end with his death in 1930.


Source: Wikipedia