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Manuel Higueras, was born in July 1973 in Barcelona, ​​but he moved to Malaga and established his residence there.

Malagueño as an adoption, by self-taught formation, begins to paint at the age of six years, where he begins to glimpse the quality and sensitivity of his work, unusual for his age.

With a marked hyperrealistic character, which will be the hallmark in all his painting, he will be able to differentiate himself from other painters, by the magical and mystical connotations that distills his works.

The author himself, is identified as “Dream Creator“.

He works as a teacher in different art schools in Malaga, where he trains hundreds of students, creating a school.


2010.- 1st International Contemporary Art Prize. Award-winning work: “El Tiempo”.

2011.- 1st International Contemporary Art Prize. Award-winning work: “El Niño que sueña con Ithaca”.

2013.- 1st International Contemporary Art Prize. Award-winning work: “Calle Victoria 7:30 am”.

Other works also known for his work Sacra, makes different orders for several churches.

His works have illustrated book covers, album covers …

Currently he is immersed in very important projects, his work has reached an extraordinary recognition and relevance making it present in International collections from all over the world: United States, France, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Russia, etc …

He has exhibited in the best galleries in the world as: Tallantyre Gallery, Callaghan F.P. (UK), New River Gallery (USA), Ellite Gallery, Native Visions Galleries Coll of Africas Miami (USA), Galería del Sol (Mexico).