Jose Gomez Abad, highlighted in the painting since he was very young. At the age of eleven he enrolled in an art academy located in the old town of Almeria, Andalusia (Spain) and in the School of Arts and Crafts, of which he would later become a professor, although throughout his life he was self-taught.

He settles in Barcelona, ​​where he takes some of his paintings and begins to paint professionally.

In the 40s he already has some support in Barcelona, ​​which allows him to exhibit frequently in places such as the Sala Augusta or the Layetana Gallery.

It is part of the gatherings of the Indaliano Movement along with other figures of the Almeria culture of the time, such as Jesus de PercevalCelia ViñasJuan CuadradoMiguel Canton Checa or Capulet. He also participated in the first collective exhibitions of the Almeria movement, being one of the fourteen creators who exhibited at the Indaliana Exhibition of the National Museum of Modern Art in Madrid, in 1947.

In 1991 he was awarded the IV Prize for Plastic Arts and Architecture Jesus de Perceval, organized by the Casa de Almeria in Barcelona.

At present his works can be seen in Trino Tortosa Art Gallery in Almeria – Spain.