Josep Gil, figurative painter, exponent of the current realism, with his very versatil pictorial subject, being his favorite subjects, the landscape in its wide spectrum and the human figure, including the portrait. His work is appreciated by private collectors and by various institutions, among other institutions, his works hang in the private collection of SAT Sabadell.

Very well received by critics from the beginning, as well as art galleries and collectorsJosep Gil has been awarded in several international drawing and painting competitions, such as the International Drawing Competition Inglada Guillot de Barcelona, ​​being the first place in 1994. Among the most important paintings, the International Painting Contest BP Portrait of London 2013 and 2015 Being selected from 2750 participants with their work “Tempus transit” and receiving commissions from the institution. Also selected in the International Figurative Painting Competition MEAM 2015 in Barcelona.