Felipe VI

Navarro Menchón, passionate about the lights that hide in the shadows, the color. Trying to capture someone’s personality through brushes. Trying to catch forever that ephemeral moment of a sunrise, of a sunset. To capture that microcapsule of time that are my inner backlights, where time and light seem to stop in a casual composition as sober as austere, so close in time as far in our consciousness. Retrieval of historical passages, keeping alive men and women who, many times anonymously, were so decisive in the forging of our history.

The portrait of Felipe VI delivered in person to his majesty now shines in the Royal Palace of Madrid as well as another portrait as the first officer of the Monarch and was presented in La Coruña.

In recent years he has exhibited in major Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Murcia, Zaragoza, La Coruña, Pontevedra, Cáceres, Badajoz, Tenerife and now in Almeria.
It has works in the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Military Historical Museum of La Coruña, in the Consistorial House of Pozuelo, the HM Museum of Ceuta, the Real Casino of Murcia, the Historical Military Museum of Valencia, in the Historical Archive of Melilla, the Legion Museum, the Historical Military Museum of Palma de Mallorca, the CG of the UME Madrid, among others.

Currently his works can be seen in the Art Gallery Trino Tortosa  in Almeria.