Laura Casas García, was born in Girona in 1974 and shows, since she was a child, an important interest in art, thanks to Emilia Xargay and Domenech Fita, two artist-masters who clearly mark their future.

Once her vocation for painting has been defined, Laura embarks on the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona, ​​where she specializes in Engraving. The last year of the course, the C.A.P courses concurrently, discovering there an interest in the teaching world.

Back to her hometown Laura Casas founded an art school, a task she has been developing for 14 years, in which she did not only teach but without realizing it, she forged day by day her own technique.

The last two years in the School, Laura began waking up a concern about the trip, so she stoped her School and embarked on a stage, in which she learnt Engraving in Cuba, mural painting in Brazil, or landscape painting in Chile.

Little by little she was specialized in the sea landscape, with a realistic technique of fused chromatic values, and environments with dream lights.

Nowadays she lives in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata in Almeria – Spain, perfect paradise for creation.