Arrecife de las Sirenas

Javier Martin Aranda. 1983, Bolaños de Cva, Ciudad Real, Spain.

It is difficult to classify his work in a few lines. It can be said that his work arises from the nonconformity of seeing reality as it is given to us, or how photography could reflect it. The need to see it through the free and personal filter of the painter.

In recent years his work has focused mainly on views of his stays and his travels, researching technically and compositionally in the theme of the landscape, both natural and urban landscape.

The composition, the light and the intention to achieve the particular atmospheres that surround these places, are the language and the main challenge of his painting.

His works do not look for great themes, but rather the opposite, the intimacy of everyday spaces, close landscapes… places that can create an emotional bond with the viewer.

Javier Martin has a degree in Fine Arts from the UCLM, and has won more than 150 awards and recognitions nationwide.